The space of Joy that is everpresent

Skyping with Kit

I am exploring an old occurrence – the resistance, when in others’ company, to say the word God or Jesus or Christ. I visited yesterday a lady who rents my parking space in the garage. She had a bad knee so I went over to her for the rent. She was doped by strong painkillers, her knee needed a new operation which she didn’t want to do, she pointed to a big bandage on her chin and said cancer.

There came an impulse to be of help, and I demonstrated a round of EFT, which made her head clear up. I shared that YouTube has lots of EFT tutorials – in short, I taught her ways to help herself.

In the night, talking to Blue, it became clear that what I really had wanted when I was with the lady, was to ask if she wanted me to pray – that is,to share an other space of perception that was available to her if she chose it. And I was shown that believing in my own sacred Christ Self would be very helpful when I was with people in pain and illness. It is of course present always, for everybody – but it would be good for ME to be aware of that, said Blue – because then I would feel safe and not attached to these old archetypes of sin/guilt/fear/shame that creates illness and pain – and i would not be sucked in to other people’s agony – where I am absolute of no use.

Today with Kit, I found an intense longing and wish to know what prevented me to be aware of and believe in God’s presence when I am with other people – or, in the Course’s words, believe in my true identity as God’s One Son. And also what prevented me to utter the word God.

And at the very end of my sharing time came the answer from within:

You believe that you can keep God out – and that makes it true for you.

In the same moment, a loud siren is turned on – signaling to me the complete terror of the original fear of believing that “I” can shut God out. It also made us laugh full heartedly – the thought of God creating a world where his creations could turn against its Creator. Yes, we CAN believe we can do it – and the state of this world shows the consequences of that wrong-minded belief. But it is still an illusion – it is still just a belief to offer to the Holy Spirit for correction.


Kit was sharing her joy in watching colors and structures- and how this deep joy and nurturing, when not understood and shared by others, could make her snap at the other. We realized after a little while that this exquisite joy is present regardless of others not following us. Just as my exquisite joy in God’s Presence has to be just as strong  – even if others react in a negative way.

It simply IS.

In this moment Kit observes a little white puppy on a leash. Its owner drags it along, she wants to look into a shop-window – and the little white puppy  insists of its own pace.

Another beautiful symbol at the very end of our sharing: Kit observes an open window on the other side of the street. It opens into a pitch black room – and in the window sill stands a statue that maybe a bird or an angel.



Please note that nothing written here is intended as medical advice. Readers who think that they need help with a physical or psychological condition are advised to seek a qualified opinion.

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