The big split

Last night I asked the Christ Council to help me see WHY I(the soul) have wanted to create these inner attacks. I got  a dream – and a “first” experience ever in the morning.

The dream: I spotted a young girl, ca 17 years or so, who put a roll of papers into my gutter. Now no water could  flow out – big block there.  When I asked her what the hell she was doing, she innocently looked at me and told me that these was her stories, her treasure, and she had to protect it from being found and misused.

I woke up and burst in tears at the familiar feeling of being used as a container for others’ stuff – and that their stuff blocked the release of water/feelings. It did not prevent me from feeling them – but from letting go of them. I asked for help again, and saw the child-part that I had dissociated from – she was living in quite another place, and I saw that because of her believe in her own guilt, other entities/spirits had – with her consent – “moved in” with her, as her “family” – she thought of them as people worthy to listen to advise from, since they had told her they “protected” her. And the opposite was of course the truth.

It was this part of me that was having that dream. And CC told me that my soul wanted strongly to heal this split between the Leelah who frequently knows that she is Spirit, one with God – and this girl who was split off during more than 20 years, due to ongoing traumatic experiences.

As I sat in bed,wide awake, I felt a strong wish to be close to her, and suddenly I was inside the dream again – with “the neighbor-girl.” One second I was wide awake in bed – and next second I was back in the dream-environment. And then again, after just some seconds – actually, there was no feeling of time at all –I was back in bed – realizing that I had just been WITH the split-off part of me

It felt weird and wonderful to have experienced this change in location  – the energy there was completely different from my daily sense of “me.” And there was also no time-lapse between the two me’s – I was just there, as awareness,sensing the unfamiliar energy that is her home.

And with this experience it is easier for me to not identify with those feelings anymore – I know it is SHE who hates them, and then I can embrace her 🙂 and I know that some of the most poisonous stuff comes from a part close to her who has a lot of “drunkenness” about their energy field- I do not need to take it “personal”, and it is certainly a possibility to include in my love = no judgement.


Please note that nothing written here is intended as medical advice. Readers who think that they need help with a physical or psychological condition are advised to seek a qualified opinion.

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