I am the projector

Big stirrings in the psyche. I am grateful for my dreams that show me what is going on.

Dream: My husband and I are packing up our summer place, we are going home. A young and handsome Indian /Pakistani man is also there, helping. LOTS of luggage –  among other things, a big freezer. This is the first symbol this night of my need to preserve things.

My husband is grumpy and sulking.I tell him I will not do this in a grumpy way. We can choose to have fun doing this. And we do!  Now there comes many others who help and laugh.We all enjoy the packing and carrying, laughing and joking. There is a great atmosphere of cooperation, everything happens easily with no stress.

In the next dream-sequence, we are all of us inside an enormous fort. I am leading us, and have to find passages through innumerable narrow labyrinths/corridors. There are waste papers everywhere – and empty plastic bags in the thousands stored in some corridors/channels.

I know exactly how to navigate: Now up through this hole – right through this narrow tube – down left here, look out for all the plastic bags, blocking the way. I start dragging the loose, and make a passage where we can crawl through. I am good leader, since I know where I am going.

Now we are gathered at the top of the Fort – and looking out down into a courtyard from older times – maybe medieval. I tell the crowd: “Under that ground have we passed.”

The plastic bags are a great symbol for “in case I need to carry something with me/hold on to it,I have what I need. I obviously think I need millions of these opportunities to store stuff. “You never know when that can come to use, dear.”

I wake up. Know that  “I” exist in so many dimensions.

Close my eyes, and a symptom is bothering me: images are flickering in front of my eyes. It is very disturbing, and one of these episodes led me to a psychiatrist last year. They always stop the flicker when I ask Jesus for help – but this time, I have clear insight:

These are images projected by my mind outside time and space. I need to go back to the projector itself – that’s where the choice lies: am I projecting from the ego-mind or from the right mind?

As soon as I realize that I am the projector, and choose  Love, the flickering stops.

Please note that nothing written here is intended as medical advice. Readers who think that they need help with a physical or psychological condition are advised to seek a qualified opinion.

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