While I am practicing Way of Transformation lesson 7, forgiving the judgments and projections I have placed on people and situations so I can see them clearly ( with Christ’s Vision,) I have the strangest clearest dreams.

Earlier this weeks, I have had nightmares of being followed and attacked by 1) soldiers 2) maniacs and now – this night – they were monster machines, powered with an intense will to kill and destroy. Since they were inhuman, they had no soft points. I remember one of them – the boss: big, square, white and shiny glossy. And with flashing eyes.

We were in a big school, all students. There were nowhere to hide. At one point I lost the clothes I wore, and simply found others – miraculously they fit perfectly. White long woolen trousers and a white woolen poncho too.

When I woke up, I recognized that these inhuman killer machines truly are creations in the One Mind. I truly own those feelings, those energies – I have justified them and felt empowered by feeling them as a child, since the power in them gave me that strength I needed then not to dissolve completely. Now I forgave and blessed the creation and felt a big relief in the body.

I noticed thoughts of catastrophizing coming up, – as if some parts are afraid of being healed and happy. I opened a notebook to this note: Stop being afraid of what could go wrong and think of what could go right.
I have heard that a zillion times. This time it was realized as shining true. The energy was – and is – AMAZING

And my body today feels like I have been pummeled and hit and working out for days – how my beautiful muscles have struggled to keep all that hate-energy inside, judging them strongly.


Time- demands

Oh I discover how much TIME is the main keeper of the separation-thought- this night had such a complete chaotic dream about MY time and OTHERS time and that I must not  take others time, and they must certainly not think it OK to  take my time – and oh, this is what have been one of the ways I have whipped myself the most – “don’t waste the precious time with silly things” – and it is the WHIPPING that I notice – the demands that  time is REAL and that divine timelessness is not a state of mind to love and to exist in

– can you sense the energy frequency of all those demands  – and how the “I MUST I SHOULD I OUGHT TO rises from it, making us slaves of time

Oh I am perfectly aware of the fact that as long as we believe ourselves to be separate beings and I have made an appointment with people it is good to not make them wait – since we all “down here” in the world  believe in it ( I think the Easterners don’t have the same grip on it as the Westerners, and certainly the tribe-people see time as much more flexible and pliable) – but what I am discovering is that it is a concept, believed in as true and real -and when I drop that belief, my day is completely different – and things fall into place in the most natural way

I may have written this before –  the sessions I have with students/clients seem to vary from 10 minutes to a lifetime – that is the feel of it – and in reality, they are 1.5 hours

Maybe the sessions that seem to last forever, we do work of healing that spreads through the hologram of dimensions in a very effective way

The time aspect may also be the reason that some clients stopped the process after just one session – yes 🙂 and then they return for more after 7 years. 7 years! “Now we are ready” they say – and that’s when it started to become fun

After that chaotic dream, my head felt like a bomb with toxic waste. I stretched out my hand and grabbed the wisewordnotebook lying there, opened it randomly.

“Let this rest in the space pf No Demands” it said.

My experience is that without the belief in the need for time, there are no demands

just a flowing HERE and NOW

This is a poem you can read from both ways: from up-down and also from down up.

Just like this world, where Truth is turned upside down


Descending into your oldest grief
That of being ice-bonely alone
Free tumbling down in the abyss
Stonewalls whisper unworthiness

I Will Not Fall!

Allowing yourself to be fully falling
Your head bursts into endless cracks
Your vision turns inward
There it is: the Christ Child
Smiling to you inside of you –

Wake up wake up
Breathe breathe
Here Now

Please note that nothing written here is intended as medical advice. Readers who think that they need help with a physical or psychological condition are advised to seek a qualified opinion.

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