The door behind this world

Today’s Course-lesson:

W-pI.56.3. (28) Above all else I want to see differently.

2 The world I see holds my fearful self-image in place, and guarantees its continuance. 3 While I see the world as I see it now, truth cannot enter my awareness. 4 I would let the door behind this world be opened for me, that I may look past it to the world that reflects the Love of God.

In the movie “The Truman Show” , a brilliant movie using the metaphysics of The Course to show us how we all live in an illusion, our hero – the Son of God/Truman/Jim Carrey has capsized, and quite literally reached the horizon in the Studio (“the World.”) He finds himself in the corner of the world – he touches the painted sky – and discovers a long ladder. He climbs it, opens the door at the top – and there meets him his true love he thought he had lost.

Spirit, I want to enter the true world, and I want it now, being in this body





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