Some years ago I took the training in Focusing. Recently I listened to a new method they called Untangling.

Here is a little of that process

Focusing… “Something in me says “ I want to wake up and be free so much!”

And something else says “no, you don’t have what it takes.” (Oh, I know that one very well.)

It also says, “when nothing happens at all, I feel safe”

WOW, that is actually a decision to resist change. Change is seen as threatening – ANY change means the possibility for disaster for this part.

No wonder it sees as its highest goal to sabotage it.

  1. part feels all the painful and inflamed, fearful and angry – hateful sensations in the pelvic area – and wants to heal this.
  2. part says “no healing/change is best = then we are “safe.”

Can I turn toward that terrified 2.part – (it may have valid reasons to be terrified of change, based on earlier experiences) and embrace it in Love – just as it is?

I can and I will

Can I give equal LOVE and attention to the part that says “I need this to heal and change” ?

I can and I will

I address both of them, one at a time, and tell them that I hear their point and accept it. And now – as both parts are allowed to stay as they are, and are given equal LOVE and acknowledgment – “yes, this is the way you feel and are, and I love you just as you are NOW” – then I see that things/change will happen for/from “our” Highest Good. Because when there is no more opposition and struggle, Christ Self will find a way to deal with this. The parts themselves cannot know what the highest outcome is – since “they” look out from powerful filters and walls, built on false perception and a need to protect the small unreal self and all its perceived sicknesses. However, when both parts are given unconditional LOVE, with no wish to manipulate them/change them in any preferred way – then Truth/Self takes over: the ego-investment and control has gone.

In this moment, polarization disappeared – struggle disappeared – and HUGE hiccups and deep coughs arise when realizing this – digestive system and breathing -patterns are involved in this change – this new decision.

How wonderful that “I” don’t need to heal anything – I just let go of the old decisions of control and disaster, and hand it over to Holy Spirit.























Please note that nothing written here is intended as medical advice. Readers who think that they need help with a physical or psychological condition are advised to seek a qualified opinion.

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