Leaning into Love

I teach a simple method, allowing Divinity to use /enter your breathing to soften and heal the traumatic imprints that your body has held for you.All it takes is for your willingness to allow it to happen – that you for a sacred moment are willing to let go of the belief that you have to do everything on your own

Surrender is the leaning into the Knowing that you are as God created you – and our time together will create the Space for surrender to the Divine – allowing IT to work FOR you.

All it takes is

*conscious breathing

*being willing to stay with the unpleasant part in the body that has housed the trauma –

and the beauty of allowing the Light of the Divine to do this FOR you.

I am here with you to remind you

One session / ca 1 hour/ is 900 Norwegian kroner and is paid to the PayPal account below.

 Please consider the time-difference when rescheduling or canceling your appointment.


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