Spontaneous Transformation

 The Spontaneous Transformation Technique is a unique, therapeutic system of healing, of accessing and releasing what is buried deep within. What we are doing is simply removing blocks to the awareness of love’s presence, which is our natural inheritance.

We learn how to  deal with the energy that get trapped in our stories and traumas, and help it to unravel and transform, when it at last is looked at with love. And the very structure of the process has a built-in high frequency, aka Reiki, that will help you notice where the old beliefs and trauma unwind and shift.

This opens a space of profound healing and allowing of what is – and from this space you can play and explore how you want your future to look – free from the old patterns, the age old stories of “me.” 

  As a certified Spontaneous Transformation Technique practitioner, it is my goal and desire to support you along your path to immersive, transformative healing. Allow me to take you on a graceful journey to freedom, guiding you to release your past and create the future you truly want and deserve.

The first session is  half price

One session / ca 1 hour/ is 900 Norwegian kroner and is paid to the PayPal account below.  (ca 80.46 GBP,  ca 105 USD. ca 95 Euro)

 Please consider the time-difference when rescheduling or canceling your appointment.


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