Broken Pot

I am meeting my inner child/soul aspects/ in a new and transformational way: truly honoring her for holding on to the pain for all these years, until I am finally willing and able to truly feel the feelings and let them go. I see the bravery it has taken, the courage, the stamina – and I experience her release when she at least is not judged and labeled for being “wrong, clumsy, stupid, at fault…”

The moment where I fully can sense the connection with these aspects feel like coming fully alive. And then I notice how they feel when they at last is heard and seen without judgment – on the contrary: I honor them deeply for holding on to this until I am ready to see it.

When they are honored, they are free – now they can feel it all, and I can be the Observer, from that wise and loving place called Self

Sometimes I feel what they feel, sometimes I just see a clear inner movie where they feel safe enough to feel

It feels like blessings, anyway –

And Kit told me the parable of the broken pot – which illustrates it so beautifully. Here are two versions

one more:

This is all I need

This is all I need

This silent space :
Air singing
The lace on her thigh
The bared teeth of bliss
The invisible line of her neck
The flimsy embellished sheet of nothing
Between her and
Her dancing prancing mover


The Rider - Marc Chagall, drypoint. 1929

The Rider – Marc Chagall, drypoint. 1929

This was posted on A Facebook Course-group – posted here with Deb’s permission – bolded by me:

Last week a phone call with more news about not having retirement sent me into a melt down. I knew that a solution would be to return to Alaska to teach another year. I couldn’t stop crying so I sat still with my journal and Jesus. An image popped in my mind with map pins in the events of my life where I felt like this. Each time I chose responsibility, money and safety as I saw it. Each time I felt my heart breaking. Then I saw the words from the text and heard the phrase “choose again”. This was it, my chance to choose again! Yes! So I chose my heart this time. Lol. And guess what? I have been guided in each step since and people pop up with just what I need to get my business going: free classes, a metal shop & mentor, a business name. My heart spills over with gratitude and trust. I just ask Holy Spirit to decide for me and go. Love is the way I walk in gratitude.


When i first read this i got the feeling, an epoch has played itself out for me. Where I am at right now, is noticing how often the old pattern comes up – the addiction to think like a victim, the ” fear is what makes me “safe” so I don’t take chances and become chocked again.”

But who is warning me? that old identity – that one who holds on to justifying being cautious  and NOT trusting the Love that I KNOW I Am.

So – I am just noticing – there i go again. And have an intention to at least not judge THAT about me – and asking for help from Jeshua to open up.

At least I dared to write this. That is good. It must take unbelievably resistance to still hang out with the fear as a “protector”- unbelievable resistance to  being Who I am.

I bless this situation

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